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Our key strategic intent in running our flagship Graduate Development Program is to foster and enable strong and capable ICT human capital for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Bahrain’s renowned
Graduate Development Program

  • Nationalised training program for qualified Bahraini graduates
  • Developing the workforce in the local ICT ecosystem
  • Meticulous shortlisting and selection process
  • Specialised development in Tech, Media & Telecom competencies
  • Building professional skillsets
  • Delivering our corporate and social promise of building national talent
  • 100%

    Nationalised Training Program
  • 1 year

    Highly intensive blended program
  • 6 areas

    of focused development in ICT skills


Our promise to you

Nurture talent

stc Bahrain intends to contribute to your career aspirations through this program so as to qualify you as a key ICT talent for the Kingdom of Bahrain

Training for on-demand skills in tech

Run a dedicated, customized development program that correlates to your skillsets and prepares you for job opportunities in the ICT domain.

Dynamic work environment

Develop your management and professional skills by introducing you to the on-the-job experience.


Are you the one
we’re looking for?

  • Bahraini nationals graduated during the academic year 2021-2022
  • Strong background in Engineering, IT or Computer Science with a high GPA
  • Age between 20-23 years
  • Have a notable record in extra-curricular & social activities


Your gateway to an exciting career journey

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Apply online


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Let’s play a game


Gamified, fun & stress free assessment that will evaluate your personal skills.

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Let’s have a chat


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The last mile


How is the journey so far? Now meet our Business Executives and be the chosen one!

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Your offer


An exciting career opportunity full of learning and experience.

Welcome onboard!

Welcome onboard!


Just sit back and relax. You are about to begin your new journey. Our online Onboarding Portal will guide you through.


Got questions?

  • Why did we choose the name jeel ICT for our Graduate Development Program?
    “jeel” an Arabic word, means “the generation of the future”. Hence, the brand name was chosen in line with our strong intent to dedicate a Development Program to the next generation of Bahraini youth.
  • What is the duration of the training program?
    The program is scheduled to be conducted for 12 months / 52 weeks, from the date of joining of the Trainee.
  • What are the prerequisites to be able to apply for the program?
    • Bachelor degree in Engineering/IT/Computer Science
    • High GPA
    • Age between 20 to 23 years
  • On what basis is the selection of graduate trainees done by stc?
    • Detailed screening & evaluation of the online profiles submitted through our portal.
    • Evaluation based on 1st level discussion done by HR team.
    • Evaluation based on gamified online Personality, Aptitude assessment.
    • Evaluation based on final round discussion done by Business stakeholders.
  • What is the term of the contract?
    Initial 1 year apprenticeship contract will be provided.
  • In which areas will the specialized development be provided to the trainee during the program?
    • Wireless/Core Network Telecom
    • Big Data & AI
    • Augmented Reality/Dev Ops
    • Internet of Things
    • FinTech/Block Chain
    • Cyber/Information Security
  • Apart from Technical Program curriculum, what other development areas will be provided to the trainees?
    • One to one Coaching and Mentoring
    • Hands on exposure to running day to day business
    • Contribution to business-critical projects
    • Professional Development through meetings and presentations
    • Build professional skill sets through the best Business Schools
  • Which learning platforms will trainees get access to?
    • stc Digital Platform
    • Classroom Training / Virtual Instructor Lead Learning
    • Coaching and Mentoring Platform
    • Job Rotations / Shadowing
  • Will stc provide regular updates to the trainees in the program?
    • Regular performance and progress feedback at every stage will be provided, in order for the Trainee to acquire and build skills in line with the targeted core development areas.
    • A dedicated program coordinator from our HR team will be assigned, who shall provide the Trainee the necessary support and guidance throughout the program.
  • What are the benefits provided by stc to the trainee?
    • Attractive monthly allowance that is well above the market rate.
    • Medical Insurance (personal).
    • Annual leave of 30 working days.
    • stc Postpaid Sim and Number (Voice & Data) for business use
  • What is the onboarding process to be completed by the selected trainee before joining?
    • The trainee will be required to obtain a report of good conduct and behavior from the Criminal Investigation Directorate.
    • stc will request the trainee to obtain the medical fitness certification from the nominated hospital.
    • stc will undertake the educational reference and background check for the Trainee
  • Will there be any deduction from the monthly allowance to be paid by stc?
    As the Trainee will be registered under GOSI, stc will deduct the necessary contribution to be paid by the Trainee to GOSI. stc will also provide the employer contribution to GOSI during the period of the contract.
  • What are the implications if the trainee would quit the program during the training period?
    If a Trainee withdraws or discontinues to attend the training program for any reason whatsoever during the period of the training program, he/she must compensate stc for all training expenses incurred on his / her behalf until the date of withdrawal or discontinuation.
  • Can the training period be extended by stc?
    stc shall reserve the right to extend the period of the training program if it deems so and subject to the prior written agreement and consent of the Trainee.

Tips to ace
your interview

  • 1


    Be enthusiastic about your achievements, we love hearing about your passions and what you do best. Speak eloquently and to the point. Your body language matters just as much too! Keep your head up high and try to avoid looking closed off.

  • 2

    Do your research

    Do your homework by reading about stc, our vision, mission and values, and what we stand for. Learn about our achievements and how you can best contribute to the company. Gather your information and thoughts. We appreciate when candidates are well rounded about their field and where they want to work.

  • 3

    Ask questions

    Demonstrate your interest in the program you’re applying for. It would be handy to prepare a few questions before the interview to ask at the end. Just make sure they are relevant. We’d be more than happy to answer them.

How to write a great CV

Start with the basics

Include the essentials: your full name, email address, and contact number. You can also add a short bio that summarizes yourself.

Your education

List your educational qualifications by year from the most recent. This will be your degrees, certifications, and high school diplomas.

Your career & experience

All experiences count. Include your latest work experience including Internship assignments, along with the dates. If you don’t have any, include any volunteering activities you participated in. Don’t forget to mention your role and what you have achieved.

TIP Keep your CV at a maximum of 2 pages, less is more!

Your skills & interests

Let us know what you’re good at, and what you’re passionate about, even if it’s outside of work. Keep these focused to not overload or clutter your resume.

TIP Simplify your layout as much as possible.

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