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We have embraced the concept of Innovation in our DNA with a view to sustain our Leadership position.

Future Opportunities

Should you be interested in a position that is not listed or would like to join us further into the future, we will still be delighted to hear from you. Please select a title from the list below; we will retain your details on your active file until suitable opportunities arise. A typical application process takes 10-15 minutes..

Vacancy IDJob TitleDepartment
stc1108 Product Marketing (Future Vacancy) Products and Services
stc1110 Communication & Branding (Future Vacancy) Marketing
stc1113 Strategy Management & Planning (Future Vacancy) Strategy Management and Planning
stc1114 Legal & Regulatory Affairs (Future Vacancy) Legal and Regulatory Affairs
stc1115 Accounting (Future Vacancy) Accounting
stc1116 Financial Control (Future Vacancy) Financial Control
stc1120 Employee Experience (Future Vacancy) HR Services
stc1121 HR Strategy & Manpower Planning (Future Vacancy) HR Planning & Development
stc1123 Information Technology (Future Vacancy) Information Technology
stc1124 Technology Strategy & Control (Future Vacancy) Technology Strategy and Control