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We have embraced the concept of Innovation in our DNA with a view to sustain our Leadership position.

Job groups


The following departments form a part of our Commercial sector:-

  1. Marketing
  2. Products & Services
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Retail Sales & Operations
  5. Sales Distribution
  • The Marketing department is responsible for Consumer behaviour analysis and Churn activity/trends, Product pricing, Loyalty and Retention, Business Performance reporting, Communications and Branding including Media.
  • The Products & Services team handles the end to end lifecycle management of development and implementation of Consumer Products and Service which includes the Core products, Broadband and Data, New streams and Value Added Services.
  • The Customer Experience team is responsible for building the Customer Experience strategy of infrastructure surrounding the products and services across multiple touch points which includes Contact Center Management, Billing Operations and Systems and Processes.
  • The Retail Sales & Operations department looks after the enhancement of the Retail operations and customer acquisition and retention by generating superior sales and set the direction and control of all Retail sales activities.
  • The Sales Distribution function is responsible for ensuring the availability of the Consumer products throughout retailer segment of Mass retailers and Key retailers and other alternative channels including managing the supply chain and devices section to support the sales functions of the company.

Corporate Affairs:-

The following departments form a part of our Corporate Affairs sector:-

  1. Strategy Management & Planning
  2. Legal & Regulatory
  • In Strategy Management and Planning, the team is responsible for facilitating the development of the corporate strategy, overseeing the performance of the company against the business plan and targets as well as ensuring the adherence to company quality standards and mitigating the corporate risks.
  • In Regulatory, the team manages the regulatory agenda, complying with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority requirements and lobbying with respective authorities. In Legal, the team manages and complies with the company’s commercial and legislative legal obligations.


The following departments form a part of our Finance sector:-

  1. Accounting
  2. Financial Control
  3. Procurement
  4. Treasury
  • The Accounting department monitors all accounting activities pertaining to the management of general ledger and valuation of fixed assets, accounts payable and accounts receivable; ensure all accounting reporting activity is efficient and accurate and provide direction/expert input as required.
  • Financial Control department is responsible for overseeing capital monitoring, operating and manpower spending and budget utilisation tracking; business reporting activities; development and implementation of revenue assurance and fraud control tools and preventative/remedial techniques.
  • The Procurement team manages all procurement related activity, policies and processes including the sourcing of diverse equipment, materials and supplies for all departments and sectors.
  • The Treasury function manages all cash and financial risk management related activity, policies and processes to support the organization’s financial security.

Government Affairs:-

The following departments form a part of our Government Affairs sector:-

  1. Government Relations & Special Services
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility

The unit has the responsibility to build exceptional stakeholder relationship with Bureaucrats & Government agencies / Ministries; lead all Government Relations, Protocols, VIP Relations and CSR initiatives with an aim to strengthen the organization corporate and social status; lead communication channels to propose and present stc’s value proposition to VIP Customers / Royal Family /Govt. Sector, Social Organizations and Institutions; promote stc’s commitment to become a more sustainable and socially responsible company; provide input into development of stc as an employer brand within local community and institutions.

Human Resources:-

The following departments form a part of our Human Resources sector:-

  1. HR Planning
  2. HR Services
  • The HR Planning function spans across all strategic HR matters that includes Performance management and Development, Man/workforce planning, Compensation and Benefits and Policy development.
  • The HR Services section has the responsibility to oversee, manage, coordinate and conduct all Employee Services activities to ensure that all personnel needs are met. The section also manages the end to end Talent Acquisition process to address the manpower requirements across all business verticals.


The following departments form a part of our Technology sector:-

  1. Network
  2. Products & Systems Development
  3. Technology Strategy
  4. IT Operations
  • The Network team has the primary objective to ensure optimal quality of the telecommunications network through assessment and planning of network capacity and requirements; overseeing performance tracking of network operations against SLAs/KPI’s; managing the network managed services against SLA’s/KPI’s.
  • The Products & System Development section owns the responsibility of completing and managing end to end IT systems and applications development to deliver the required services to the business.
  • The Technology Strategy function oversees the synchronisation between Network and IT strategies including the development of Network and IT architecture evolution strategies and Network and IT capacity plans; review and tracking of Technology CAPEX budgets; alignment of the technology roadmap internally and externally.
  • IT Operations department has the responsibility to manage IT infrastructure and Operations of the IT department including IT Applications and Data Warehouse management to deliver the required services to the business.

Wholesale & Enterprise:-

The following departments form a part of our Wholesale & Enterprise sector:-

  1. Wholesale & Interconnect
  2. Enterprise

  • Wholesale & Interconnect department manages end to end positioning of the Wholesale Business (Interconnection and Roaming) which includes defining the Wholesale strategic planning process; development of financial plans; develop and negotiate Roaming and Interconnect agreements with local and international operators.
  • The Enterprise department is responsible for the overall operations of the Enterprise/SME business that span across Product planning, Market sizing and development, Business Sales, Customer Experience and Business support.