Am I stc ?

We have embraced the concept of Innovation in our DNA with a view to sustain our Leadership position.


Vacancy IDJob TitleDepartmentClosing Date
stc1402 Executive Legal Affairs Legal and Regulatory Affairs19-Jul-2021
stc1400 Executive Information Security Information Technology09-May-2021
stc1399 Manager Customer Insight & Communication Business Marketing23-Jun-2021
stc1397 Specialist Core Network Network31-May-2021
stc1398 Lead Communication & Branding Marketing31-May-2021
stc1396 Executive Emerging Services Emerging Services30-Apr-2021
stc1394 Lead CVM & Analytic Marketing30-Apr-2021
stc1390 Expert Regulatory Affairs Legal and Regulatory Affairs30-Apr-2021
stc1388 Lead Digital Marketing Marketing30-Apr-2021
stc1383 Manager Digital Banking Emerging Services30-Apr-2021